Email Signature for Non Profits

Flexible enough for non profit organizations

Non Profits are often dynamic work environments with staff, part time, volunteers and more. You need to be able to support people coming and going and be able to handle a variety of different email platforms that staff may use. can handle this and take email signatures off of your plate!

Ultimate customizability

Our email signature generator doesn't limit you to a few templates, rather it is a free-form custom editor that allows you to add as many fields and images as you need. You can add as many phone numbers, logos, ad banners, and partner logos.

You have the capability to create the kind of signature with the exact content that you need for your organization.

Email signature generator for non profits

Easy to Distribute

Use the generator to build an email signature for your whole staff. Easily convert a single signature into a shareable generator link. Then choose which fields are editable and which fields be locked in the signature.

Send out the link to your staff and all they need to do is visit the microsite, fill in their personal details, and copy and paste the signature into their email client of choice using our helpful instructions. It's the easiest way for organizations to manage email signatures for their entire staff.

Share templates with a team
Lauren Cotter Testimonial

“The Marketing Department at Community Tech Network loves the tool, we can create a strong brand, keep colors consistent and change out our quarterly theme for either donations or volunteering. It is easy for our staff to use and upload to their accounts. Our red and fonts are difficult to replicate, so this app makes creating a consistent email signature easy for our department to implement.”

— Lauren Cotter, Marketing and Communications Director, Community Tech Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! With the Starter and Pro plans you have the ability to create multiple templates for different groups within your organization according to their different needs or use cases. So staff and volunteers could have different email signature designs if needed. Each template would have a unique generator link that you can email out to allow them to personalize and configure.

You certainly could, there is nothing that prevents you from offering the landing pages to volunteers as well. You would still need to fit into your "employee" limit which would include volunteers as well. Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about usage with volunteers.

If you have a designer you work with, this is a tool you can give them that gives them a "Photoshop" like drag and drop interface for designing email signatures. We think it works best for someone with a little bit or technical, marketing, or design knowlege, but anyone can create a signature if they want to! Custom design services are not included in the prices for the tool, but feel free to contact us if you have specific needs.

Yes, with a paid plan our drag and drop editor allows you to add as many logos or graphics as you need. There is no limitation. So you can include multiple logos, banners, photos, and other images as needed.

After visiting the generator link and filling in their personal information, they can choose two methods for installing the email signature. They can choose to "Copy Signature to Clipboard", which loads the sigature into their computer and allows them to paste it into their email program of choice. Or they can choose to "Send Via Email", which sends a copy of the signature to their email inbox directly where it can be copied and pasted. Upon clicking these buttons a guide appears that allows them to get specific instructions for pasting the email signature in the email program they use. We have guides for all of the popular email programs and applications.

Yes. Our generator has all of the major social media icons that can be added to your signature and set as a custom color. If you find a social media icon out on the web (here's a list of social media icons) you can also upload them directly as an image and include a link to the social media profile as well.

Yes! Our templates have been tested extensively with all of the major email programs and apps to make sure they work as best as possible. This frees you to not worry about compatibility issues and just make a branded signature for your organization.

The signature generator is a powerful tool that gives you a lot of freedom to create. Sometimes there are ways of accomplishing a goal that work better than other ways. If you run into issues let us know and we can check out your signature and provide some recommendations.

Create an email signature template for your non profit today is an html email signature generator that works perfectly for organizations like non profits. All your designer or communications person needs to do is use our drag and drop editing tool to create your signature, and then with a paid account you can easily distribute your signature across your entire staff by simply sending out a microsite link.

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