How to add an email signature in Gmail

Gmail has a nice way of managing email signatures, but finding it can be a little tricky at times. We have written a guide to help you with the process of creating an email signature using the Gmail web application.

Gmail’s email signature editor is pretty basic. It allows you to format your email signature with tools like bold, italics and inserting a simple image. If you want to make something more advanced, we would recommend using a tool like our email signature generator. This tool allows you to choose from a set of starting templates and customize them by changing fonts, colors, images and adding additional fields. It creates the HTML code for you so you don't even have to worry about it!

Here is a step by step process of how to add your email signature to Gmail. This guide assumes you have already copied your email signature to your clipboard using an editor like, from an email, or from another source.

  1. Open the Gmail website. In the top right, click the Gear icon.

    add signature to gmail step 1

  2. This will launch the Quick Settings menu, click the See all settings button.

    add signature to gmail step 2

  3. In the General tab scroll down until you see the Signature section.

    This is the primary area where you can manage signatures in Gmail. You can add multiple signatures if you want to switch between them, and you can edit and delete them when needed.

    add signature to gmail step 3

  4. In the Signature area, click Create New under the list of signatures.

    It is highly recommended to Create a new signature rather than pasting over an old one. While it may appear that you have removed an old signature from the editor window it often leaves behind invisible styles that can ruin your new signature!

    add signature to gmail step 4

  5. Name your signature and then click Create.

    The name you choose doesn't matter too much. It is something only you will see.

    add signature to gmail step 5

  6. Create your Signature, or paste your signature into the box

    If you are using an email signature generator like ours, this is where you will paste what you have created with the tool into Gmail. If you would prefer to use the basic Gmail editor you could fill in your name and details here and style them accordingly.

    On Windows you can press Ctrl + V. On a Mac you can press Command + V. You can also often right click and find the Paste option in the menu.

    add signature to gmail step 6

  7. You may want to consider making this new signature your default signature by selecting it in the drop down menu For new emails use and On Reply/Forward Use.

    This step is optional, and may depend on what you want.

    add signature to gmail step 7

  8. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

    add signature to gmail step 8

  9. When composing a new email, if you don’t see your signature already (refer to Step 7) look for the pen icon along the bottom right.

    Click the pen to choose from a list of your signatures. Clicking on one will apply that signature to that email.

    add signature to gmail step 9

That's it, you are finished! You are now a pro at managing signatures in Gmail. You can also read more on Gmail's own instructions. If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know! You may also want to check out my beginners guide on creating email signatures.

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