How to add an image to an email signature in Apple Mail

Apple Mail (sometimes called Mac Mail) provides a simplistic interface where you can create and edit a simple email signature for yourself. If you are looking for instructions on how to add a picture like a photo or a logo to your email signature then we have a step by step guide for you on how to accomplish that.

The default Apple Mail signature editor can be frustrating to create anything but the simplest of email signatures. If you are looking for a more robust tool that can help you create a beautiful email signature that can make you and your organization look more professional then I would recommend you check out the editor and pre-made templates on

Here is a step by step guide of how to add an image to your email signature to Apple Mail:

  1. Open the Mail app on your Mac, from the top left system menu choose Mail > Preferences.

    add signature to mac mail step 1

  2. When the preferences window is open, look for the tabs along the top and click Signatures.

    add signature to mac mail step 2

  3. In the left column, select the email account where you want to use the signature.

    add signature to mac mail step 3

  4. Choose an existing signature you want to add to, or click the Plus button below the middle column to create a new one.

    Be sure to uncheck the box Always match my default message font. If you don’t do this then the signature will be pasted as "Plain text". This means that all styles and formatting will be removed leaving only the text of the email.

    add signature to mac mail step 4

  5. Add a line in your signature to create a opening where you want the image to be added.

    add signature to mac mail step 5

  6. On your computer (using Finder) find the image you want to add to your signature.

    Apple Mail's signature will not resize your image for you! We recommend adding images that are pretty small, less than 100kb ideally. If your image is larger this will be a problem and could prevent it from being received. If you have a program you are familiar with for resizing images use that. If not, you can open the image in the Preview application and go to Tools > Adjust Size and try one of the smallest sizes.

    add signature to mac mail step 6

  7. When your photo or logo is ready to be added. Drag it from the finder into the signature editor window where you made room for it. That's it! You added your image, you can close the signature editor and test it out.

    add signature to mac mail step 7

  8. When composing a message, if you don’t see your signature already look at the drop down menu near the top right to choose from a list of your signatures. Selecting a new one will apply that signature to the email.

    add signature to mac mail step 8

If you are looking for a more expanded article including what kinds of images to add, what dimensions to use, and what the advantages of various approaches are read our email signature image guide.

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