Signature Designer vs. Signature Generator

Published on October 24, 2019

When I started working on this tool,, my goal was to make something that would give people the ability to actually customize their email signature the way they wanted. The tool needed give them some creative control over what they are making. Like fonts, colors, spacing, and moving things around the way they might want.

In my mind, signature generators were kind of the anti example to what I was making. Many of them you simply choose a template, fill in your information, and you take what you are given. If you would prefer your cell phone to be above your office line, too bad, so sad, not possible. Want to add another image? Nope.

My idea was that this was a design tool, this was like the Photoshop of signature making. The Webflow of email signatures. No code required, but giving you all the power that coding it yourself would bring. I think so far I have accomplished that idea pretty well, the tool is capable and powerful. Yes, there are a million features I still need to add, but I think it is exactly what I set out to create.

Of course, designing and developing the tool are only the first steps. Now I am more solidly into the marketing phase of the tool (which is much more challenging for me). One of the first things I realized is that no one is searching for a “signature design tool”. According to Google 15,000 people a month are searching for a "signature generator”. I was really resistant at first, but I had to admit that that was no small number. I had to re-think my naming conventions and landing page to better represent as a powerful signature generator. It still pains me to call it that, but I think it is the right way to think about the tool in terms of marketing.

When it comes down to it, people are looking to GENERATE a signature. And to them, they don’t care much about the taxonomical difference between a designer and a generator. They just want to make a signature. And that’s what my tool does. So I have moved on.

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