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Published on April 5, 2020

Sometimes it can be hard to get started on a project when you are starting from scratch. Plus, most people don’t get super inspired when they need to make an email signature. They want it to look nice but they aren’t really willing to put a lot of time into it. That’s what we’re here for! We have developed a number of flexible templates that you can use as starting point for your next email signature project. Just crack open your code editor and start editing away.

These templates have been tested across all major versions of Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, iOS, and a number of other popular email clients. We have used industry best practices to code them for the best viewing experience across all of these templates.

Be careful editing them though, you’ll need to follow some of the conventions we have already started if you hope to keep them working with your changes across all of those devices and email clients. If you don’t have as much experience working with HTML in emails, you might want to read up on our article about how to code an HTML signature. In that article we talk about several tricky tasks like inlining all of your css styles, using pixels for units, and how to code images so that they don’t look funny in a number of different spots.

Of course, if you are new to HTML and CSS or if you hate coding for email because of all of the eccentricities of various email clients (cough, cough, Outlook) then you should consider our generator that was built just for this purpose! It’s an online editor where you can design an email with a drag and drop fields to build up an email signature without knowing HTML and CSS. And best of all, we’ve already taken care of all of the cross email client browser issues, so that you don’t have to. Plus, you can easily share a signature with your entire company (or with your client’s company) with a single link. Because really what you are designing isn’t a single email signature, but a sharable signature generator that a whole organization can use.

Ok, enough about us, on with the templates:

Template 1: Logo On Bottom

Email Signature Template: Logo on bottom

The classic email signature that millions of companies prefer. It starts as a nice sign off by the person sending their email with their name and title side by side. Then below the line we feature important information like phone, address, and company website. Finally at the bottom it includes the company logo as the last element of the email body. This makes the most sense if you logo is long and wouldn’t fit well alongside any of the other content. This is a natural progression for an email signature to follow and makes it easy for a reader to find what they are looking for.

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Template 2: Logo On Left Side

Email Signature Template: Logo on Left Side

This is another popular template that you will see around a lot. This works especially well if you have a vertical version of your logo that isn’t as wide. Our favorite way to use it is if your logo is just a simple mark without the name of your company. You can still include the name of your company somewhere else in the signature, but it looks really nice that way. Of course, it still features important information in the right hand column like name, title, address and website. Additionally, we include some basic social media icons for you to use.

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Template 3: Logo on Top

Email Signature Template: Logo on Top

If you are representing your company like in a sales or marketing kind of role where you often email people who don’t know who you are or who you company is, then sometimes featuring the company logo first can be more important than the person sending it. This establishes the authority of your company and connect the email sender to that source of authority. This template gives you the flexibility to move things around as needed, while still keeping important information in the forefront.

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Template 4: Left Line

Email Signature Template: Left Line

Sometimes you don’t have a logo to work with, and you just want a nice simple signature for someone. Setting up the two columns side by side while featuring the name and title on the left with a bold authoritative line between them. Then on the right it features other important information like address and way to find the person through their website or social media presence. This one uses the Georgia font which is a timeless classic font that helps bring credibility and weightiness to everything that it set in it.

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Template 5: Centered Signature

Email Signature Template: Centered

One way to do something different and unexpected is to center the entire signature. This looks pleasing and helps you to stand out from the crowd. This has been used to great effect for experts like trainers, coaches, business mentors and the like. It sets you apart and catches attention, but also is balanced and feels nice in the body of an email. The bold line under the name and title establish credibility and help to set the space that the signature will take.

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There you go, these are the starting templates we use in for all of our customers, and we wanted to give them away to you. We hope that you find them useful and we hope to be designing a lot more in the future. Let us know if they were helpful to you or if you have suggestions on how to make them even better.

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