Best Email Productivity Software 2020

Published on September 17, 2020

Email is the primary means of communication in today’s business world. As much as texting and other forms of communication like Slack have become more common in today’s office, email is still king. According to campaign monitor 293.6 billion emails get sent a day and there are nearly 4 billion email users worldwide. And those numbers are only expected to grow further into the next few years as more and more of the world comes online.

One would conclude then that mastering your inbox is essential to doing business in 2020. The average office worker receives about 121 emails daily! That’s a lot to sort through and a lot to manage. Tools that help professionals manage this flood of emails and be better communicators to their team and their customers are extremely important.

Yesware - Email Inbox Sales Software

Yesware is designed for sales teams who need to speed up repetitive processes in their email inbox. You can download their Gmail or Outlook plugins and use them to streamline your email workflow, doing things like scheduling meetings and follow ups right inside of the inbox you are already familiar with. You can make use of templates and campaigns to save yourself repetitive communication that takes way too much time.

Mailbird - Windows Email Client

Mailbird is an all new completely rethought email client for Windows. It has the ability to synchronize all of your email accounts into a unified inbox that is easy to read and sort through. It also features integrations with a number of other popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Asana, Todoist and a bunch more. It’s really customizable so you can change color themes or use dark mode and make it your own.

Autoklose - Sales Engagement Platform

Autoklose helps you send automated, highly personalized and engaging emails. With effective email campaigns powered by Autoklose, you can create a predictable and repeatable sales process that will double if not triple your existing pipeline. The Autoklose Template Analyzer highlights spam words and phrases and uses warnings, signals, and helpful information to guide you towards creating deliverable, engaging, and converting email campaigns.

Shift - A Desktop app to Streamline Apps and Workflows

Shift is a Windows and Mac app that allows you to gather all of your favorite web apps like Gmail, Trello, LinkedIn, Slack, PayPal, Dropbox and many others and then turns them into a single application where you can find and manage your workflow in an easier way. You can search across a number of different apps and even collaborate with other people in your team using workspaces.

Mailbrew - Customized Daily Email Digests

Mailbrew is a helpful tool that can condense a bunch of content from online into a single daily digest in your email inbox. Choose from a bunch of different sources like Twitter, Reddit, RSS, Google News, YouTube, and many others to customize your daily email. It’s a nice way to make sure you don’t miss out on anything that is important to you, almost like making your own personalized email newsletter with only the stuff that you care about in it!

Goodbits - Turn Saved Links into Weekly Newsletters

Goodbits turns your saved links into beautiful email newsletters than can be sent out to your audience. As you collect links throughout the week it saves them and turns the arduous process of putting together a roundup newsletter into a seamless process that is focused on editing and publishing rather than worrying about templates and coding. You can brand them however you want and send them out in whatever email campaign tool you choose.

upscribe - No bloat email marketing

Billed as a “zero complexity newsletter tool”, this allows you to create email campaigns by clicking and dragging rather than dealing with code. You can even build email sequences where you can wait a number of days before sending the next email. It makes it easy to embed the newsletter opt in form across a number of popular platforms like Medium, WordPress, Squarespace and others.

Todoist for Gmail

Todoist is a free to do app that works across almost every platform. It has paid plans for teams and some premium features if you find yourself needing those. We all know that we often treat our email inbox like a to do list though, so why not integrate your to do list into your email app? The chrome extension for Gmail does this. Now you can easily add an email as a task and set a follow up date for yourself. Once you have replied, you can complete that task right in Gmail too.


Even though this is an older one I’m still surprised how few people know about it. The basic idea is that you can integrate with anything. With a flexible system of triggers and actions you can hook two or more services together easily. This works well with email! Want to look for new emails with a certain keyword and automatically add them to a Trello board? Or look for new contacts in your email and add them to your CRM like Active Campaign? The possibilities are limitless.

Do you have any other favorite email related apps or tools right now? Let me know in the contact form!

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