Consistent branding
means more credibility

The copy and paste "telephone game" tends to break down over time resulting in inconsistent email signatures across your company and confused employees. Accomplish uniformity with a simple link.

Consistent Email Signatures

Simple implementation
for busy teams

Choose a template then change colors, fonts, spacing, add any amount of fields and rearrange them. Save it and share a custom email signature generator link with your entire team. Helpful staff instructions included.

Designed Email Signature

Save yourself time with custom email signature generators:

Create email signature template
You create an email signature template using our powerful editor. You control what is editable and what is required.
Share template with team via email
You share the template as a generator link to your team via email, Slack, or another preferred method.
Copy and paste email signature
Your team fills in ther personal info and copies and pastes the signature into their email client of choice.

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Challenges with email signatures

Staff Turnover

Staff Turnover

People come and go, with anyone can update or create their signature at any time.

Variety of Devices

Variety of Devices

We've done our homework to make sure our signatures appear consistently across all devices.

Multiple Departments

Multiple Departments

Create multiple signature templates for each group that has different needs.

Busy IT Group

Busy IT Group

We understand email signatures aren't their priority, let us help you out.

Limited Budgets

Limited Budgets

Per user pricing isn't affordable when you have hundreds of employees. Our tiers are affordable.

Complex Signature Needs

Complex Signature Needs

Optional fields, locked down fields, user fillable fields. We can deal with your complexities.

Emily Locke Testimonial

“We were looking for an email signature generator that could be implemented across our company. was the perfect solution for us. It was easy to use, completely customizable, and created a beautiful signature. All I had to do was send my team a link and they simply inserted their information and copied and pasted it into their signature settings. Jesse was also super friendly and a great help in answering any questions I had.”

— Emily J Locke, Graphic Designer, Everytable
Anna Patty Testimonial

“We were looking for an easy-to-implement email signature solution that did not break the bank and would allow us to ensure consistent branding for our growing practice (and avoid dreaded broken images in signatures). is proving to be a fantastic fit for our needs. Additionally, Jesse was quick to answer and assist with any questions we had during implementation which made the process a breeze!”

— Anna Patty, Marketing & Communications Director, Covenant Family Solutions
Carisa Wenstrom Testimonial

“We needed help with a client's project that involved creating an email signature that would look and work consistently across both Gmail and Outlook platforms. After trying to create the signature ourselves, we tried out several different signature builders before discovering I wish we had found it sooner, we could have saved ourselves so much time and energy! The pricing is fair, the features are perfect for what we need, and it's easy enough for our client to manage themselves!”

— Carisa Wenstrom, Co-Owner/Designer, Timber Dark Design
Nathan Anderson Testimonial

“ has transformed the way we build and implement signatures. It is incredibly easy to use, very clean, and modern. We recommend it to all of our clients looking for an email signature solution.”

— Nathan Anderson, Digital Marketing Manager, DiedrichRPM

Perfect for designers & agencies

Save hours of time developing signatures by using our visual builder that has already been tested across the myriad of email clients out there. Provide a custom email signature generator for your clients with a simple link they can send out for company self-serve signatures.

Flexible plans for your entire organization, or just yourself



Make a signature!

  • Build a Free Signature
  • Limited Editor
  • Signature Expires From Our Site in 30 Days ?
  • Basic Image Hosting ?


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Lifetime account

  • One Signature
  • All Editor Features
  • Signature Saved Forever
  • No Generator Links ?
  • Custom Icon Colors ?
  • Solo Email Support


{{ pricingPlan1 }} / mo/ yr

Save {{ pricingPlan1Savings }} paid yearly

  • Twenty Base Signatures ?
  • Unlimited Employee Signatures ?
  • All Editor Features
  • Signature Generator Links ?
  • Signature Generator Stats ?
  • Custom Icon Colors ?
  • Admin Email Support


{{ pricingPlan2 }} / mo/ yr

Save {{ pricingPlan2Savings }} paid yearly

  • Unlimited Base Signatures ?
  • Unlimited Employee Signatures ?
  • All Editor Features
  • Signature Generator Links ?
  • Signature Generator Stats ?
  • Custom Icon Colors ?
  • Admin Email Support

Contact us for enterprise level needs such as signature design services, assistance with 1000+ employees, or complex generator requests.

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