Designers will love it,
No IT group required.

Anyone can use the drag and drop interface to create a signature in a few minutes. Choose fonts, colors, add your logo, social profiles, etc. All employees need to do is fill in their information then copy and paste.

Designed Email Signature

Built for organizations who need some consistency.

Copying and pasting signatures from one person to the next works for awhile, but pretty soon you end up with funny fonts, strange colors, weird spacing issues. We can solve that.

Consistent Email Signatures

How it works

It's easy to implement in a few minutes for small companies and large.

  1. 1
    Someone uses our builder to design an amazing signature template for the whole company. They choose which fields are pre-set and which fields employees need to fill in.
  2. 2
    A link can be emailed out to the entire company. Each employee visits the link and fills in their unique information like name, title, and phone numbers.
  3. 3
    The employee then copies and pastes the signature into their email client. Helpful how-to's are provided for that process.

Helpful Features

6 Templates to start from

Its easy to start and add or remove from it.

Change colors, fonts, margins...

The advanced signature builder gives you control.

Lock down certain fields

Choose what can and can't be changed by employees.

Multiple locations and addresses

Employees choose a location and it's information is prefilled.

Unique social media icons

Use your brand colors, or theirs, its up to you.

Track usage statistics

How many signatures have been generated.

Perfect for Agencies

Want to offer a nice value added service for all of your clients? You can offer a unique branded signature generator that can be set up in a few minutes and doesn't require any maintenance in the long run. Clients will gush over it! 😍

Simple plans. Simple pricing.


Small companies

{{ pricingSmall }} / mo

  • 1 Signature Template
  • Unlimited Generated Signatures
  • 1 Unique Subdomain
  • Logo & Image Hosting
  • Custom Social Icon Colors
  • Email Support
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Bigger companies or small agencies

{{ pricingMedium }} / mo

  • 5 Signature Templates
  • Unlimited Generated Signatures
  • 5 Unique Subdomains
  • Logo & Image Hosting
  • Custom Social Icon Colors
  • Email Support
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Large agencies

{{ pricingLarge }} / mo

  • 30 Signature Templates
  • Unlimited Generated Signatures
  • 30 Unique Subdomains
  • Custom Domains / Subdomains
  • Logo & Image Hosting
  • Custom Social Icon Colors
  • Chat & Email Support
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