New Outlook and Outlook for Web Email Signature Issues 2024

Since mid May 2024 New Outlook and the website have both been ruining signatures when they are pasted into the signature settings. This issue is not specific to our platform, but anyone using these two email apps for their email signatures are affected if they use copy and paste to install signatures.

What is the problem?

Outlook is removing much of the styling of what makes an email signature. The most obvious issue is that width and height settings are lost from images causing them to greatly expand. In addition font color and size settings are lost making the signaure look generic and plain.

Why is this happening?

We have long known that Outlook takes pasted HTML code from a signature and rewrites it to its own liking. Unfortunately this new version of their changes is much worse than it has been in the past. We think it may be connected to Outlook's new signature syncing functionality that stores signatures in the cloud rather than on your desktop.

Is there a workaround?

Yes! For now. View the video below to see it in action. Below are the step by step instructions:

  1. Prepare your windows. You need to have two windows ready and visible at the same time, in one you need to have this website or another place where you can see your email signature. In the other you should have Outlook open with the signature settings window ready. You should have already clicked "New Signature"
  2. Select the signature by clicking and dragging over it. Make sure you select all of it, potentially even adding a little bit above and below the signature.
  3. Now click somewhere on the selected signature and drag and drop the signature into the Outlook signature settings window. If you are on Mac, this is a little trickier, you may need to try clicking on different items within the signature to drag it.

When will this be fixed?

We are hoping this is a temporary issue, we know that Microsoft is moving quickly with their new version of Outlook and pushing code updates frequently. We cannot imagine that Microsoft could want to keep this change as it causes headaches and frustrations for their users.

What have you done to make this issue known?

We have taken steps to report this issue to Microsoft in their tech community forum, as well as trying to contact technical support as well as emailing people within the company on the Outlook team, but we have yet to hear an official response.

How can I help?

If you would be willing to report the issue to Microsoft, it may help all of us to get this functionality back to where it should be: Please go to your “Help” menu in Outlook and then choose “Feedback”. And “Report a Problem”. Then write something like this:

I am trying to paste my email signature created with an email signature generator. When I paste it in all of the images become much larger than they should appear. It’s like all width and height settings of the images are lost as well as some of the fonts and color styling that used to work.

In addition if you would be willing to comment on the thread we started by mentioning it is a problem for you as well, that may help raise the issue higher with their product teams and get it fixed sooner.

We are so sorry that this issue causes frustrations related to email signatures and our platform. We are anxious to see where Microsoft is going with this change and continue to hope that they are listening to their users and will fix this soon. Feel free to contact us with questions.

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